Urban & Rural Site Design

Urban and rural design is a leading subject in our practice often permeates also to other areas such as resorts, business parks housing etc.). It leans on early work as an employee planning some villages expansions in late 70s, continuing with the responsible project of converting a Jerusalem downtown street to a pedestrian mall and Ruvys thesis for his masters degree in landscape architecture searching for renovation solution for a living downtown of a small American town without people displacement. Many such experiences matured into landscape architectural practice that place the user of the public and private space and the retention or creation of the spirit of a place at the focal point of the design process.

Great care is taken to retain feeling of a place, its sociability, and architecture alongside fulfilling client goals and public health and safety. Currently we apply our urban and rural approaches to residential, business and institutional campuses / parks, and streets, squares / plazas etc.

Project Samples

Ben Yehuda Mall Jerusalem 1976*
Observation point Mt. Olive Jerusalem*
The Rialto Tee downtown Rialto Ca.
St. Jhon of God Hospital LA. Ca.
Toyota National corp. headquarter Torrance Ca.*
Union Oil R&D center Brea Ca.*
LErmitage Hotels Ca.
Business centers Ca.
Sapir Academy campus Shaar HaNegev Israel
Nazareth Town Square Nazareth Israel
Roundabouts (several) Israel
Estates and large homes Ca.

*= as an employee at Jerusalem City Hall, R. Carter, R. Kobata in CA.

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