Landscape for Leisure

In this subject we include parks of all types, tourist attractions and destinations, hotels and resorts, Theaters and other gathering places. We apply same approaches on urban areas of high pedestrian presence which is covered in the Urban Design section of this site.

Planning and design for leisure comes from a happy place seeing ahead allá the enjoyment of so many future users. Its challenge is to maximize the potential for leisure while protecting and preserving the resources that have created theá potential in the first place.

While each project demands a different & unique approach, it can be said there we tend to place people in center of our attention in issues such as accessibility, age, interest, identity, spatial and needs, safety etc.á This realization goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability of the larger environment. We are very high value on aesthetic design & rich experiences for all senses, clarity of usage, longevity, and maintainability.

Sample of Projects:

  • Tourist destinations in Jerusalem 1977
  • Regional plan for tourism in Upper Galiley
  • Leisure retreat (master plan)
  • Hotels zone master landscape plan Kitzrin
  • Bike and equestrian trails
  • Program & concept development for 4 national parks
  • National parks master plan for Israel
  • Neighborhood and city parks and gardens in Israel
  • City parks in Rialto California
  • All hotels of Lĺermitage hotels in West Holiwood and Beverly Hills
  • Memorials
Landscape for Leisure
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