Project Management and Support

The office is involved in two types of management and support. 1- As a representative of public agencies in review, supervision and manages of their projects (mostly infrastructure) designed by other professionals, 2 Managing its own projects and operation where we provide critical information essential to the management of all disciplines in a project.
It should be noted however that our participation in project management is strictly professional and we are not assuming responsibilities to project management as it applies to organizing, connecting with all parties involved, financial management and scheduling of consultants and contractors etc.

The type of work related to project management we do includes:

  • programing the project contents
  • estimations
  • reports required by external sources about our design
  • creating guidelines for design, construction and maintenance


Sample of projects

  • Program development and design control of Jerusalem City Walls National Park
  • Guidance and control of landscape design for highway safety
  • guidelines for the design of roundabouts in Israel
Project Management Support
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