Infrastructure/Utilities in the Landscape

We relate to infrastructure like we do to our bodies we want efficient flow of energy and materials but we dont want to see feeding lines. Same with utilities they people can't survive without them but prefer not to see their impact on the environment. We respect the need for aesthetically blending of infrastructure lines in the landscape but also emphasis the clarity and safety for its users.

When involved in solving conflicts between infrastructure and the landscape (or cityscape) our approach is bold yet simple. The human scale and comfort should guy the solution with simplicity and beauty while retaining natural appearance to be as close as possible to its predevelopment state. We are not afraid to use any reasonable design mean to make people live in peace with utilities.

Sample projects from the past include:

  • Development of tunneled solution for the train to Jerusalem
  • Upgrading highway 395 in Judea mountains
  • Alternatives layout development w landscape impact assessments of each HWY 891
  • 400 and 160 KVA power lines impact study and development of recreational return
  • Roundabouts
  • Water percolation/retention and recreational benefit of seasonal lakes
  • Bikeways

Guidelines development of landscape development for roundabouts in highways
Scenic Guard Rails systematic guide to determination of usage
Draft paper on usage of art work (sculpture) in highways

Guidelines and standard development for landscape design in highways
Infrastructure of site development
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