Reuven (Ruvy) Amir is a leading landscape architect in generating creative solution to often conflicting preservation vs. new land development needs. His office, .A.L.A., provides consulting and design services specializing in landscape architecture, site design, land planning and infrastructure of public and private properties for nearly 30 years in Israel and in California. Ruvy is well versed in all engineering, planning and design disciplines as well as some social and environmental issues. In his design he emphasizes the way people feel and act within the environment. To this end the office stress the importance of human scale and positive connection to the sense of a place as it is manifested by its people, history, nature, and culture. 

The office is very attentive to the need of its clients as well as future end users and the larger environment. .A.L.A. Is an ideal candidate for inspirational site development as well as resolving conflicts between nature and development. Despite being a rather small and personal operation, we enjoy projects of all sizes. Past and present projects extend in size from residential to regional costing from $50,000 to $7,500,0000 in their landscape and site development construction.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Site development & Garden design (institutions, business, residences)
  • Infrastructure - design, mitigation, renovation (Transportation, power and water)
  • Urban & rural design (institutional campuses, commercial development, historical preservation / renovation, streets and squares)
  • Parks (native, manmade, urban, regional, national)
  • Tourism (Hotels, Campgrounds, travel trails, historic sites)
  • Research, Planning, Program & Guidelines development

Past and Current Repeating Customers

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