Research & Programing projects

Practical as well as theoretical research is a source of great interest and its discoveries are a great joy to us too. Its the fundamental work upon which both relevant information for a specific project can be explored in order to meet client's objectives or particular information on a specific subject can help in the creation of new standards to be relevant to all. 

We see programming a project as the foundation needed to achieve goals.  Its basis is a project oriented research which ends up being a compilation of site's 'potentials and limitations' analysis, client's objectives, similar experiences, literature, other consultants inputs etc.

We also do researches that are subject oriented where we study the subject, its different ways of manifestation and implementation in the world ending up with compilation of data and analyzed solution incorporating also our own solutions. 

In both types the office offers the following services:

  1. Environment in relation to human use.
  2. Project related research towards programing.
  3. Program development and master planning.
  4. Management and design guidelines.


Samples of projects and jobs:

  1. Authoring (with other) and editing the book: “Guidelines for Landscape and Environmental Planning in highways”
  2. Research “Scenic Roads and Scenic Guard Rail” (with other)
  3. Development guidelines for landscape design of roundabouts
  4. Authoring (with other) “guidelines for planning and design of schoolyards”
  5. Program development for 3 National Parks
  6. Program development for “Rialto flood basin and recreation area”


    • Care of rural elderly – undergraduate thesis
    • Small American downtown re-design – master thesis
Research & Programing
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